Be critical of yourself not others

‘Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already’.

This world is created with both the good and the evil and as very profoundly said ‘Every bright side has darker side to it’. We are part of era where lot of positive things have been happening around us like new innovations, girls being empowerment, technological advancements, personal achievements, social enlistment endeavours and has negativity too that has polluted the minds of the people and distorting their moral values. But where the percentage of negativity is higher as compared to positive vibes, there exist unhappiness which is also proved by World happiness Report where India ranks 122. The average Indian is grumpy, disillusioned, spiteful and vindictive says the report.  An official also opined that happy countries are the one that have a healthy balance of prosperity, as conventionally measured and social capital, meaning a high degree of trust in society, low inequality and confidence in government.  So it’s a high time for introspection.

Whether it’s personal life, system, government, local authorities, or neighbours, one will also find us talking about loopholes or negative side of things that one forgets the difference between being analytical and critical. A critic is a person who knows the way but can’t drive the car. This reminds me of very beautiful poem by someone anonymous that plans for changing the world but lands up on the decision to change him as he has no control over others.

Everyone has been working hard in their life and everyone gets paid for their work whether its salary, success or Karma. Then why are we so busy discussing or in a critical word criticizing others.  Have you ever discussed about someone getting higher salary? Have you ever passed comments on someone performing a difficult task? Have you ever scared someone with difficulties before starting a work? Wake up. Each one of us is an individual and lives a different life with different struggles and situation.


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