Be Tolerance; each one of us is different

First task of eyeball in the morning is to search for a newspaper to get yourself acquainted with the latest happenings in our country and surrounding us.  Earlier it used to be the matter of upgradation but now it has been more of bringing the gloominess in your home. Husband killing wife and vice versa for minute arguments, consumer killing shopkeeper for refusing alcohol, ragpicker killed for now not paying to vendor and more recently school kids killing each other. My only idea of picking this topic is to make people think where we are heading to. Why have we become so intolerant to existence of other people? Is this mental block of not letting any other ideology overpower you? Then why, why we are creating an ambiance like this where we human are becoming endangered species to each other.

           Are we ready to hand over this society to our future generations? I am sure majority of us will node our heads to say ‘NO’. So what can be done regarding this issue which will soon be the cause of concern if not realized on time?

  • Strong Moral base: We talk so pompously of belonging to the land of saints, yogis and fighters but we hardly realize to gauge our moral values in comparison to them who have been our role models. Practice what you preach. We are all taught great moral values at home; Practice those no matter what difficulty you face.
  • Take a Lead: Be the leader and stop following the rat race and be sensible enough to take stand for wrong doing. Stop blaming the government, officials and other people for their performance and think of your own.
  • Accept’ wrong deeds: Accept if have been proved wrong, it happens to all. No one is perfect. So learn and move on. When you know you have committed a mistake accept that.
  • Be Tolerant: It is not important that everyone will always agree of what you think, say or do. Respect that and be open minded and tolerant to what other people think and say as their experience can be different that yours.
  • Diversity coexists: We are all individual with different looks, belief systems, culture, nationality and religion, so how can one person think and do identical to what other does as believed by our religious fundamentalist and orthodox social groups. There will be people with different ideology and belief and they have full right to practice that.



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