Big Boss House or House of Substandard Morals

Yesterday while surfing channels, my inquisitive mind prompted me to hang on episode of big boss that happen to create quite controversies on social media. The loud characters, foul languages, exchanges jibes and violence in the name of competition is what this show symbolizes. Then why are we watching it. This led me to apply my journalism study which taught violence as news element that sells. 
It was quite a astonishing to watch how such a loud serial can be telecaster at the prime hour which is suppose to be the family time. I tried it hard to ponder over the benefits of airing this type of reality shows but could not conclude onto the hazards of watching such serials over the mindset of the society.  If we call fourth estate as the mirror of the society as it represents the society, then why not showing the positive aspects of the society that would inspire many people of the country for a better living. Why humbleness, sacrifice, patience, hardwork, dedication can’t be taught from such serials as the contestants are specially told to attain TRPs through entertainment. So here are few reasons for not withstanding something like this on prime time TV channels:

  • Loudness /Screaming: Screaming and shouting on others irrelevantly is what this show is all about in the name of TRP. Irritating their co contestants and passing insulting remarks is what we intent to teach our youth and losing control leading to ephemeral situations is highly annoying.
  • Competition with context to Violence: There are tasks where contestants work in team and are suppose to apply the physical force which in turn response to hurting each other physically.
  • Intolerance towards other feelings: People with different field experience are left under one roof, then why they have to show their intolerance towards others feelings and perceptions. In a way, the show is promoting intolerance towards others feeling which leads to chores in the house.
  • Youth: Youth now days have been making so much efforts for creating awareness among youth and making this world to be a better place to live. This country needs the positive energy of the youth for growth and not the negativity as shown in the show.
  • As every coin has two sides, hence every bright has a darker side to it. The conclusion relies on us whether we want to focus on the good or the worst. Looking at the current scenario, there is more need for positivity rather than showcasing the sub standard moral grounds of our youth.


Author: YRipples

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