Can a boy and a girl be a just friends?

Can a boy and a girl be a just friends is a question that has remains unanswered by the generations to generations? If one is logic, the other is emotion, so putting them under any frame of relation is a difficult task. Sumrit shahi has very convincingly and with apt situations shown this perplexed yet most reliable relation of friendship between a boy and a girl. The author has very amicably set the school ambience and used the lingo used by the youngsters.

The story kicks starts off with two stranger Aryan and Tannie meeting at the airport and get connected as the story unfolds. Aaryan who happens represent the age of teenager who loves to violate the rules in spite of being an intellectual student and Tannie who also feels herself to be the free bird bound under parent’s instructions. How friendship and the laws of the attraction play a love in changing their lives is what the story deals with.

Author has stridden a good balance between the emotions and hilarious situations that don’t create a feeling of monotony among the reader. Though it not something that has would give you food for thought but it’s certainly a time killer.


Author: YRipples

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