‘Chanakya in You’ by RadhaKrishnan Pillai

About book:

Chanakya, a well acclaimed political scholar is known for calling spade a spade. His ideologies, his vision and understanding of life and situations have always given him an edge over other teachers. This inclines the current generation to get attracted to this book.
The author has well knitted the storyline keeping himself as the central character of the story and emphasising about the essence of Chankaya teachings in one’s life through book named ‘Kautaliya Arthashastra’. The book very subtly depicts the legacy of Guru-Shishya relationship in Gurukul format of teaching. The author through this book direct the young mind on how to take challenges in life whether it’s education , career or family.


The title ‘Chanakya in You’ aptly suits the theme of the book that start with description of Arthashatra and how it’s has impacted the life if authors grandfather and ends with it influencing the next generation. The author emphasises on how we can practice the teachings of Chanakaya in our life and achieve the leadership’s in our life.


The book touches the heart as it makes the reader attached to his roots with Indian scriptures.The author’s endevour to to emphasize the Chankaya ideologies in current lifestyle can be easily analysed. The storyline of the book keeps the reader hooked to the lessons and learning and how effects one thinking. The author through it’s story beautiful depicts the depth of understanding between guru and shishkya, son and father, CEO and employee and how we can be instrumental in promoting each other and making this place a beautiful place to exist.


The language used in book can be easily understood by layman without leaving the essence of lessons taught by Chanakya. Author has beautifully described the relationship of guru and teacher who he meets in different forms from company CEO to expert of Arthashatra.


The book is an inspirational read for any age group irrespective of their profession or class. It has lessons for students, businessman and family oriented people.

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