Change in mentality ’Need Of an Hour’

Government is by the people, for the people and to the people. This stands true for any democratic country where people has the power in their hands but after exercising their power to vote, often forget this power. Then they start playing blame game over political party they have chosen for not bringing a promised change into the country.

‘Swach Bharat’ a government initiative is not just another political campaign but an ideology and vision towards creating a clean and healthy India. We all get so infatuated by the foreign lands for their clean and healthy ambience but never think of creating the same environment in our own country.  Fresh air, unpolluted water and commendable sanitation services are surely our preferences but we would never think of creating the same in our own home town.

Inspite of visualising and working towards making our country clean and prosperous in terms of health and environment, we fall into the bracket of blame game of political parties doing political propaganda or creating new sources for money loitering. Here, changing the mental aptitude of people is the need of the hour. Rather than working on attitude of ‘Kuch ni ho sakta’ to ‘Let do it and show it’. Let not look out for excuses to not make our endeavour towards making our country a better place for ourselves and our future generations.

There are so many individual or organization that are making ernest endeavour at their level  to bring a change , so let’s join hands with them or try to bring positive change at our level. Remember’  TOGETHER WE CAN AND TOGETHER WE SHOULD.

Author: YRipples

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