Diminishing Moral Values

Forgiveness, humbleness, patience, respect, truth, etc. all seems to be the matter of the past where the main motive of the gurukul was to impart the knowledge of human values that motivate the pupils to become better humans. But the current education system produces machines that just know how to earn, produce and store money. An apt example from our ancient gurukul that educates us to implement the moral values in our lives is when Yudhishter, an elder pandav was beaten by his guru for not learning his lesson of speaking the truth. He took the beating 10 times to make sure that he not only learns the lesson of speaking truth but also implements it in his life. The earlier teachings used to not only emphasize onto our academic learning but also inclined us to implement those teachings in our lives where human’s values were kept at the priority.

It is normally said that our first teacher is our home that teaches us the basic rules of the survival, then our school that teaches us the way of living our life and then the life that teaches us the art of living a life. But now these three building blocks are shaking as they are reducing their value. The demands, expectations, competitions, etc. has burdened our youngsters so much that we are not providing them the tension free ambience to develop. This sounds more like a vicious circle where the demands, needs, ambition, treatment and behaviour are passed on to their children as a virasat. The changing times has not only affected our society but also our way of thinking and living. The increased generation gap has not only lost the affection, homage and concern for the elders but also the basic mannerism leading to many orphanages and old age homes.

Now the society welfare is being replaced by the individual’s personal motives and benefits then follows the family, society and further on. The existing examples of the scams in the political parties and the individual wealth of the leaders are the apt example of the accomplishment of personal motives of the individual.  The aggression, anger, frustration, ambition and jealousy have burdened the individual so much that he is blindly driving in its flow. The recent cases of molestation, violent fights, fraud, and marriage case among the relationships these has been mudslinging this relationship. The faith and trust on the relationships now a days have been dwindling, be it husband or wife, brother or sister, uncle or nephew, boss or an employee, etc. The basic web of our society has been intermingled, thus leading to the ambiguities of the relations.

It is such an awkward and gloomy state to exist in where people are not using machines rather the machines are using people. Machines were developed and invented by people for making their work easier but now they have made people so addicted to them that they hardly think of their survival without them. We have become so workaholic that we hardly have time for our loved ones but the blame doesn’t go to one but to our society that has made our lives so competitive that the only motive of our life becomes money that leads to the happiness to the existence of the mankind. The importance for turning the tables is such that lots of bollywood movies are being made on it. The public organizations are also working for the various causes that can unite the family.

Thus the only solution to the vanishing culture of the moral values is to introduce the subject or course work related to the moral values where the youngsters within the specific age group should be made to live in gurukul. These gurukuls should be designed such a way that it should educate youngsters about the strength of their culture and tradition. The moral science as a subject should be included at the school level rather than including other incidents like Anna Hazare, Munna Bhai as their course work.  Their moral values towards humanity should be taught thus making them useful for the existence of mankind. May be by this way we can develop little more pacified, well grounded and complacent individuals. As it is rightly said a better human being can work for the better society and its development.

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