Don’t be Judgemental

Hey he/she din’t do that right, he should have not said like that, how slow, how boring, etc. and do we realize how finicky we ourselves become by pointing to others all the time. Well, the things don’t work the similar way for them. They can do what they want, wear , behave and talk and find it to be the most apt for themselves. People, I just want to say that each individual is different and is nurtured in different background, so lets not be judgmental.

Passing jibes are injurious to health so avoid it as much as you can.Its easy to say than done.Say it if you can do it.

Each individual hails from different geographic conditions, financial and educational background, so how can all the individual can be same. Whether its work ambiance or personal gatherings, we should not judge people on the basis of their dress, color, education and financial background, as it violates the basic creation of God where each human is different and respectable.

As its said, when we point finger towards others, the three fingers are pointed towards us and we should only point others when we are perfect at it.So have a positive spirit and have a feeling of learning rather than judging.


Author: YRipples

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