Dubey ji Bounces back? By Vivek Atray

About book: This novel by “ Vivek Atray” is a replica of any romantic Bollywood movie. The protagonist Raghav Dubey has Raymond’s ‘The Complete Man’ persona whose life get’s transformed suddenly when Ms. Koppikar wallops him on his head and almost kills him, the attack was like attack on his life. So there and then, Dubey ji plans to bounces back to life with full fanaticism. His changed personality activated the laws of attraction on him and then he met Avni, the love interest of his life. Then inspite of his improvised behaviour, he is not able to propose Avni straightforwardly and faces many difficulties in achieving his objectives.

Title: As the title sounds, it’s plot is purely Indian and connecting to the Indian souls. Dubey ji is the central character and thus defines the title aptly.

Review: “Dubey ji Bounces Back” is a culmination of life philosophies; romance, jealously, misunderstanding and suspense. Just like any bollywood commercial movie, the story has a hero Dubey ji, a heroine Avni who he falls in love with and Govil , the villain , who loves Avni too and wants to kills Dubey Ji. The story of the novel is quite predictable and doesn’t leave anything unfolded for imagination. What keeps the reader engrossed is the lingua of the novel and easy reading which often seems to drag the situations at some points. The characters are well defined and the scene description gives the feel of Hindi movie.

Lingo: The language used in the novel is engaging and provides apt characterization to the characters and plots. The language of novel shows how articulate the author is and creates immediate connect with the readers.

Recommendation: The book is a good read for fiction lovers. This book doesn’t restrict any age group anyone who plans to work on their vocabulary with light reading can refer to it.

Rating: The novel gets a 3.5/5.

Author: YRipples

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