‘Ending Show’ on Social Media

I know this headline would make me look like pessimist, who is talking about negative side of youth. My fresh morning was disturbed by news of a 19 year youngster, who shot himself live on what’s up video chat in Patna.This article is just a concern to the road our youth has been travelling on.

‘A Mumbai-based helpline that provides support to Facebook on suicide alerts has seen a sharp increase in the number of calls a day from 4-5 to 50 in the past six months.’

A Report by Times of India.

This is not the first incident where youth are vandalizing their life due to one or the other reasons. There have been incidents about live streaming of suicides on Facebook, whatsup video and other social platforms from Mumbai, Sonepat and now Patna.  Killing school principal, ending their life, killing classmates, girlfriends and the list is increasing annually. Never in our nightmare had we ever thought that India strength of highest youthful population will be devastating in such a way. I think these daily events are indication of dwindling education and moral values among our youth and it’s high time that we pay attention to getting our roots hollowed. Though psychiatrists opine that they do such acts on social media to gain public acknowledgment for their act and get back to the people who forced them to do so.  

A healthy society is only a dream until you open your eyes and work towards it. Thinking of progressing and going through such daily updates in newspapers is really disturbing and calls for an immediate action. Looking at such situations, there is an urgent need of few reforms by the social media companies, government and home. The tables of deteriorating society cannot be changed within a week but certainly with constant efforts. So, let’s all unite together to save the future of our generations by making our roots strong and imbibing them with strong moral values.


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