Epigamia Yogurt in drooling flavors

We all aim for healthy life nowadays and even doctors recommend it for a healthy living. Yoghurt is not just a healthy food but also attaches many essence to it like it is used for customary purpose at home, cooking delicious dishes but also to satisfy your taste buds.

So here comes Epigamia who proudly owns the tag of being first Greek yogurt of India that is more creamier, thicker and qualitative. It is made up of 100% vegetarian ingredients what is low in fat and also low in carbohydrates.

 So why Epigamia:

  1. Rich in Protein: This yogurt made form purest cow milk is rich in protein. Packaged in a little cup it is full of goodness, loaded with natural ingredients and bursting with delicious flavours. The brand believes that food should energize you and keeps you healthy.
  2. Weight loss: Yogurt acts a great diet for weight loss or muscle gain. It is recommended by most of the dietitians and weight trainers if taken as per the prescribed format. It is substituted with various rich and fried foods so as to avoid gaining weight.
  3. Great source of calcium: This yogurt also contains good amount of calcium that strength the body in a very delicious way.
  4. Flavours Available: Epigamia yogurt is available in different flavours like Mango, Strawberry, Blueberry, honey Banana, Green apple and Vanilla that makes it even more lovable by the youngsters and kids.


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