Hell! No Saints in Paradise by A.K. Asif./

It’s all within.The whole cosmos.

About book A novel by Pakistani author A.K.Asif is an eye opener for people who follow the religion blindly. It is story about Ismael, an atheist who has been ambiguous about the religious perceptions and plans to conduct a research on existence of hell and heaven. In this journey he happens to meet the people of spiritual world who embark him on different journey to understand the depth of religion perceived by his fellow people. He is asked to reside with the father who is hardcore Muslim fundamentalist and win his trust. He goes through various near death experiences and finds himself placed among people where they are ready to go to any extend for attaining paradise after death, even by killing anyone that gave the title Hell! No saints in paradise too.

Review: The story falls in the fictional genre but the characters of the story are well established in a convincing plot that makes it realistic in terms of their character sketch and demeanor. The supporting cast of characters too are interesting enough to keep the readers glued into the heart of the story till the very last page of the book. Ismael is highly relatable to any young atheist minds and so his adventure and evolution towards belief.

Language: The book has been written in eloquent manner and is an interesting blend of funny, sarcastic anecdotes and satire on religious beliefs. The language of the novel is engrossing and inquisitive that keeps reader hooked to the book. The author has very intricately explained the Islamic jargons in context to religious urban fantasy. The pace of the book is little slow and might drop the interest of the reader in certain places.

Recommendation: This book is a good recommendation for the reader who is articulate and has an open mind towards religious satires. It is a good choice for those who resides their belief system in attainment of Hell and Heaven after death as it may provide them new dimension to their beliefs

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