Hypocrites, are we?

We have rigid belief systems

That doesn’t suit working of our kingdoms

So we go against our wisdom

And twist and turn as per our freedom

Hypocrites, Are we?


Honesty, we are taught in our education

But soon we make it just a talk of our value system

Its no more imbibed in our roots

Because we are building blocks on untruth

Hypocrites, Are we?


We have a history of ruling feminine divine

But is the status of females in our society defined

We rape them, abuse them and slaughter them to pieces

Does our worship has any meaning

Hypocrites, Are we?


We believe in the existence of God in cleanliness

But limiting it to our homes is our meanness

We litter, spit and scatter around

But never forget to appreciate the trimmed grounds

Hypocrites, Are we?


We have emerged from ashes of sacrifice

But are we preserving it with our honest vibes

Corruption corruption everywhere, we cannot survive

But are we living a conscious life

Hypocrites, Are we?


How can we not stick to our Vedic culture when

Whole world is extracting the nectar from our scriptures

Our beliefs, words and deeds remain unmatched

Thus generating a population i.e. unattached

If this is the culture that defines us today

No wonder , we are country of hypocrites.


Author: YRipples

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