I felt so small

When I was born
And was not physically strong
My bones were brittle
Actions were so feeble
My gabble was my talk
which was later followd by lessons to walk
Everyone started teaching & bullying me
No one except my parents stood by me
But then I was so small

Now that I have grown strong
And can take bull by its horns
Have learnt the traits of the game
And the way people survive on others name
But what makes me feel so small
Is the living zeal of those who are not physically right
Their capability to fight back
And not take challenges as set back
My grumbling for materialistic issues fell so small
That I my stature felt small in comparison to them all

When I see soldiers at borders
For they are no ones to us, but gets slaughter
Their selfless zeal makes me overwhelmed
That we can just salute their strength
But then with our selfish insecurities  we thrive
I felt small in their light

Looking at the nature that God has provide
And lessons like depth, tranquility, forgiveness
That it imbibes
We hardly carry any of these
But ofcourse the false pride
For which I felt small again

They are too big to be empirical
Their greatness cannot be counted material
But still we live in our own illusions
That nothing exist without our presence
I hope we can take humanity to that level
where unanimity is before selfish measures
We learn to love, share and strengthen our people
And preserve the nature for our better future
With little efforts I will be able to survive
And raise my bar in almighty’s eye.

Author: YRipples

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