Language of Silent Love by Jasmeet Virdi

Three worlds exist in this universe according to religious scriptures of all most all religions. First is the “HEAVEN” where you are rewarded for your good deeds. You enjoy in this world because of all the good karma you performed in your previous life. Second is the “HELL” the law is quite same but on the contrary you are punished for all of your bad deeds, as you sow so shall you reap. Here come the most amazing and interesting one is this third world is “EARTH” it is said that all the demi gods, angles, good or bad spirits and the devil himself seek to take birth on this planet. Earth is the only source to merge back with the light we have separated from. How is that light, is it pure white? May be very shiny? Well I will be the wrong person to even make a guess to it. That is the light of God and only the one who meditates on the God can feel it, see it and of course merges back within it.

But I was amazed to hear what Kabir says, a saint of ancient India who took birth in the fourth class family of that time when even, if the shadow of this class would touch the upper classes they were beaten up to death or torched until death. Such was the condition; they would shake the bell tied around their neck to pass a crowded place or face the latter circumstances. Well let’s not deviate from the main topic. Still you know what he says. He says “I don’t wish for the heavens as my good karmic deeds end up I will be forced to leave heavens. I am not scared of the hell as I have found the true master no power could send me in hell.” So what would have he asked for. To my surprise he says “I wish to stay in love of lord’s lotus feet eternally.”

Who are these people, what do they ask for, what do they get, how is lord, what sort he looks like? These were all the questions revolving around my mind as I enjoy my dusk at the Worli Sea Face, Mumbai as the sun shined down in the waters of Arabian sea making gold shining within it. There have been many epics of how these five elements of nature bow to the one who meditates upon the lord of the universe. The most interesting is they do not control them and never desire still they become slave to these holy men. Such is the power of meditation. I spent almost two hours in solitude to search in for the answers through my concentration. Yet what I found is only me within. How difficult it is to make that search of the lord that actually resides within us he is nowhere out yet he is omnipresent.

As the sun was drowning for the next arise of the day and it was my time for my evening prayers. I stood up, switched of my mp3 player, took a deep breath within, the question is what shall I sow and what would I reap. Only the great almighty knows as he has already written my destiny upon my forehead. I believe he is, I know he exists, I know he has no form, I know he is the protector of the poor and needy, I know he abides within all. Yet I shall agree openly I do not know even a bit about him. The question is him and he himself is the answer what shall I write further, may Kabira lead us all to the place where he resides because Kabira is the lord and lord appeared from within him. The truth is there is no difference between the lord and his men. Their language is of silent love.



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