‘Laws of the Spiritual world’ by Khorshed Bhavnagri

About Book: This book throws light on how a soul should travel its journey in the human form that might lead it to different realms of the spiritual world. The story commences with the accidental news of Vispi and Ratto, beloved son of Khoursed and Rumi Bhavnagri who wants to communicate and pacify their parents. Then it further extends to linking their parents to people who can reach out and communicate with spirits and teach them the art of automatic writing. Then through automatic writing, they educate their parents about the existence of 7 Realms and how spirits reside in those Realms and their deed takes them to which realm. It is basically a guide to do’s and don’ts for the soul in the human body so that they can improve themselves during this lifetime.

Title: The title stands apt for the book title as it describes all the laws followed and adapted in 7 Realms of the spiritual world independently.

Review: Well someone with the spiritual mindset would never deny the existence of the spiritual world but as this book has been published for the laymen reader, the information would have been provided in a more subtle way as the text goes little heavy and repetitive at certain points. All the 7 Realms have been described in detailed pattern and emphasize on the ‘Karma with good intention’. 

All the laws have been explained beautifully with examples that stand true to the materialistic world and just as other self-help guides focus on the deed with good intentions. The central idea of this book is the same like other religious books that lay emphasis on godly activities but one thing that would ensure a reader is that with the guidance of this book, a common man would think about the result before doing a selfless act.

Language: The language used in the book is simple to read and doesn’t include high-end vocabulary. I believe though it is a good read but could have been written in a precise and crisp language, thus avoiding the repetition.

Recommendation: This book can neither be classified as self-help or spiritual read but will certainly of interest for people with a spiritual bent of mind. As it differs a bit in explaining the journey of the soul as per Hinduism and other religions, this would only add to a different dimension.



Author: YRipples

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