‘No man is an island’

‘No man is an island’ – John Donne

Why is that so? Why can anyone not live in isolation? That is because we all live in a world where each and every entity depends upon each other for survival, just like in the case of the food chain. In simple words, we exist because we exist together. We exist because we help each other throughout the journey of life.


Helping each other, is it? Helpfulness, as defined, is doing efforts to make life easier for someone else. It could be a job, a task, a problem one is having trouble handling, which you with your contribution can make easy for them.


  • It matters because what might just be a waste of time for you could be a living and dying situation for someone else. I remember listening to his story about how he lost his sister just because the donor was not ready to do a few hours travel to help her.
  • What might be just a task for you could be a crucial situation for someone else. You are good at Mathematics, why don’t you just help that poor boy struggling to pass his exam,
  • Just smiling at the old lady selling those toys is also helpfulness for you gave her a moment of being appreciated as a person and not just a poor woman working in this hot weather.

Little efforts can make a big difference.


  • Some of us often think what is our benefit in this. I had to miss parts of my movie, holding that kid as her mother changed her diaper in the ladies room. Why did I do that? Yeah because the kid was continuously crying or the fact that the lady was having trouble doing that all by herself, in this place alien to the kid. It did bother me a lot to hold him like that. But then the smile on that little baby’s face was the most innocent and beautiful thing ever or the fact that how thankful the lady was made everything, every irritating emotion just turned into a beautiful curve on my face. I made someone happy and now I am happy, that’s something, isn’t it? 
  • Imagine your grandparents walking down the road and struggling to cross the road? Wouldn’t you want someone else to help them in times when you are not there? Wouldn’t you want to feel secure with the feeling that if you are not there your family, your loved ones can count on the good there is in the world?  That is exactly how important it is to you. You need to first do efforts to expect something from the world. 

What actually matters is the fact that you are willing to help someone. Even if you can’t do a lot, the mere awareness that someone cares can work wonders.

‘Be the change you want to see in others’ – Mahatma Gandhi


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