Power of trekking Vaishno Devi

We might have made many ephemeral trips and climbed treks in our childhood but all that memory seem to vanish with the growing time. So many times, we visit the same places again so as to create memories more consciously. My trip to Vaishno Devi temple comes under similar experience that happens to create new memories everytime I visit it but this time it was made more consciously.

We are so comfortable with our cocooned life’s that we avoid doing things that challenge our comforts but a visit to this sacred place will change everything. Recently, I got an opportunity to visit that blissful shrine with my cousins and approx. it was my fourth trip to that place. The much-aware visit to Vaishno Devi made me analyze that humans have far more strength, capacity, and spark than we actualize utilize in our day today life. The vibe of the place is such that one could witness all types of human beings climbing towards the temple and motivating others with the utterance of three simple words ‘Jai Mata Di’.

People with different abilities and capacities, with context to age, physical challenge, colour, status, etc. were filled with the one feeling of devotion and humbleness which seems nothing less than blissful ambience. They were generous, supportive, helpful, suggestive and forgiving in the journey, which changes when they get back to the worldly whims of the world. Though the shrine has all the facilities for all the age groups but still there were people who took 14 km of one way trek in their own capacity with seems quite impossible if we plan to do so by our own choice. We get tired and drop our efforts in between especially when life throws a challenge at us.

While climbing, I saw unidentified people giving motivation to the passers by saying ‘Jai mata di kehenda ja, Paudi paudi chadda ja’ and some passing their energies to us with smiling faces. The scene was such that you see people getting tired, sweating badly, getting out of breadth, taking resting and then starting again. Isn’t that what a life is all about! To go with the flow of life without putting a pause in between. When we never leave our trek in between on the name of God, then why can’t we live our journey of life by keeping faith on the God and stretching our capabilities and capabilities to making better future.

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