Books,company for a lifetime


  • Ideal mind devil workshop
  • Silent and 24*7 friend
  • Read a book a month or create a library
  • Prefer reading hardcopies than ebooks

           Ideal mind is a devil workshop; therefore it becomes very essential to keep this mind occupied. And who else can do this better than books than can be carried anywhere and at anytime.  Books are the man best companion as they would never leave us feeling aloof. They silently provide us with the solutions to the problem, teach us to be patient, bless us with happiness and also teach us the way of life. They take you to another world all together and making you a part of that world.  ‘A reader lives many lives before he dies’ said George R.R Martin. Be it a Howard Roark in The Fountain Head or Mr. Bishwas in The House of Mr. Bishwas, or Yogi in The Autobiography of Yogi. People read books depending on their interest from fiction to nonfiction in different categories from defence to sports, business to romance and endless topics.

The books broaden the horizon of the people, thus providing the wings to our imagination and making us lives the lives being in the shoes of the character. We cannot gauge that what change can one sentence or one paragraph or the one chapter or a book can bring can bring in our lives. Hence, reading is important in any language but it is worth spending a time on.

Therefore do plan to read a book a month which would not only provide you company, horizon, teaching, happiness and will keep your restless mind to imagine. Now a day there are various clubs, books app like Good reads that have being developed to enhance reading among the youth. Paper reading is always better than screen reading due to eye protection and lesser dependency on gadgets.

Hence try reading a book guys, I bet it would let you down. Though building a habit might take a week but its worth it.

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