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      ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ is quote we often use to define beauty as it cannot be restricted to color, looks and attractiveness.  Hence to celebrate and acknowledge the beauty of each individual, Plown comes up with platform for sharing your sibling photographs and getting awarded. In line with our vision of “Showcasing the best in every child”, Plowns partnered with The National Trust (Ministry of Social Justice & Welfare, Government of India) for their Inclusive India initiative.

Share an image of your child with his/her best friend

share (in your child’s words)

how the two of them are different.

Five lucky winners will get prizes.

Digital certificates for all participants.

        Plowns is an online platform where parents can store and share all the amazing things created by their children – be it origami or a drawing of four petals on a piece of paper. With Plowns, parents can both create a digital copy of their child’s beautiful creations and also share their work with a much wider audience.

Inclusive India Initiative aims to bring about a change in how people with developmental disabilities are viewed in our country, and thus creating an Inclusive society. As partners of the campaign, we will be doing a series of activities promoting this cause.

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