Swag’ wasn’t Enough

Treating yourself with a refreshing drink and delicious food is what one would find rejuvenating after day long hectic chorus. This craving landed me and my friends to the hunt of new place called ‘Swag: Shake, Wake and Groove ‘in Mohali to satisfy our taste bud.

As we reached the venue, what we encounter is a counter outside the Swag that has its seating arrangement at the basement. Though accommodated in smaller place, it has been designed with the utmost of youthful colors and sitting arrangement gives more of home feel.

Coming onto the order for the Shakes, the menu looks pretty attractive with numerous varieties showcased in it but it proved the proverb that says looks are deceptive. We ordered Shakes which turned out to be nothing like it taste. Therefore, before commencing and investing in any venture it is essential to work on the market needs and quality at the utmost as only that can sustain any new opening in the market.

Author: YRipples

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