‘The Brahmin’ by Ram Shankar Etteth

Introduction: India has been a land of stories enchanting the rise and fall of the kingdoms. It has been read, heard and believed that the cause of failure of any kingdom has been its internal conspiracies, controversies, and spies. Such is a story of Ram Shankar Etteth ‘The Brahmin’ that is based on the era of Emperor Ashoka, a ruler known for his mastermind and courageous decision. The kingdom undergoes series of murderous and who else can solve it better than the trusted and razor-sharp spymaster of king Ashoka. Lush with historical detail and unforgettable characters, The Brahmin is a mystical and intelligently plotted novel.

The author has focussed on the untold characters and keeps the suspense going with new characters and exciting twist and turns. The spymasters of Magadha goes baffled by the murders taking place in the kingdom and leaves every table unturned in order to catch the murderer. The author has very descriptively introduced the characters in the novel which at times becomes little monotonous for the reader to link it to the flowing story.

Title: The title of the novel ‘The Brahmin’ is best suited to this new genre of mystical history. As our history stands evident for the spontaneity and intelligence of the Brahmin in era of Kings and Queen.

Language: The language of the book shows the articulative quality of the author and keeps the reader glued to the fictional characters in the story. Though it cannot be considered simple but certainly establishes the characters very uniquely and builds the momentum of the story.

Recommendation: The book is an interesting read for the people interested in historical and mystical stories. The book provides an in depth story to the historical stories of Ashok that we all have read or heard about.



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