‘The Inheritors’ by Sonu Bhasin

‘Nothing comes easy, not even the legacy for the Inheritors.’

About book: The book is based on the think tanks of some of the successful entrepreneurs of renowned brands like Max Group, Luxor, Marico, Dabur, Berger Paints and many others.  The book carries tales about their struggles, wrong and right decision, family politics, culture, business rivalries, success and supports. The highlight of the book is the stories of the inheritors that have gone through similar struggles despite being provide an empire in silver plate.

Book Review:  Blessed are those you get everything served in platter. But this might not stand true for the ‘Inheritors’ discussed in this book.  The author of this book gives quite descriptive information about some of the brilliant minds behind turning the tables from scratch to the successful brands. From Amit Burman, the brain behind Real Fruits to Tara behind Antara  from Max Group , the author discuss all the inspirations and struggles that led them to reach at the set positions today. From Pooja Jain of Luxor, the brand in 120 countries to Motilal Oswal brand that believes in being at right place at right time, the author has very intellectually imbibed the life lessons in the stories of their hardships.  The author knitted many life and corporate lessons like innovation and talent being the buzz word of any business, respecting the professionals and talent and hardship and success doesn’t apply to gender.

Recommendation:  I would certainly like to recommend this book to the aspiring and start up entrepreneurs and even students who like to take struggles and failures head on for innovating and experimenting. It can also be a good read for people who believe that goodwill once made generate automatic profits.

Note:-This book was sending by Writers melon for the honest reviews.

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