Time is precious,waste it wisely

    ‘ Arre yaar time nahin hai or busy tha’ is the most common dialogue we often listen from our colleagues, friends & relatives and repeat the same excuse when we want to run off from people or situations. We waste so much time thinking and not acting on things we would like to do and end up feeling bored from our routine. Rather I think what is needed is the time management that would help us to be accomplish everything in a day itself. All those people who have made a success and are into news are the ones who have utilized their time to the fullest to convert their ideas into practicality.

         Our day is divided into so many tasks throughout the day that we forget to divide and schedule it in a limited span of time thus making it haphazard. If we divide the time among our hobby, health, TV watching and time for family, we can lead a much complacent life.

In time management, it is required to prioritise the work on the basis of its importance in our life. For example, some people plan to get complete medical checkup atleast once in two months. Similarly some people schedule to go for family vacation once in three months. On similar lines, we can plan it for a day. Like what would you like to do after job is your prerogative?  How do you spend your time and value your time for making it productive in terms of money or relations.

A day lost will never come gain. So friends this is the time to use it to the maximum and make every minute of your worthwhile and keep saying ‘KASH’ in the end.


  • Everyone gets similar 24 hours
  • Waste time thinking and not acting
  • Now or Never; Tomorrow never comes
  • Set your priorities
  • If categorized, will become much productive

Author: YRipples

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