Virtual games: Physical and Mental Block

Games are meant to make children healthy;

Not strive them to death

    Virtual games are not only taking us away from reality but are also impacting the psychology of our present and NexGen. The memory of disastrous impact of blue whale had not diminished when another news report in hindi newspaper regarding ‘48 hour challenge’ on Facebook caught my attention.  There have been continuous researches that proved that these virtual games have enhanced the level of aggression and violence among kids and youth but is also leading them to death by playing with their psychology. Therefore,its high time that founders of social media should take calculated measures to stop this increasing trends. So, I would like to heed your attention to few dangerous virtual games that have impacted our kids drastically:

  • Pokemon Ban: Virtual games are meat to make kids virtually dependant on what they are shown to be believed and use less of their rational senses. Pokemon game that made kids move out of their home uselessly and searching for non existing has also sparked the trend of virtual games.

  • Blue Whale Game: Blue Whale, a game developed by the psychologist has not only taken lives of many kids but has also affected the psychology of many children. Hence, it landed its developer in Jail and has banned the game but this has not ended the trend.
  • 48 hour Challenge: This 48 hours challenge on Facebook has its roots in Europe that started 72 hours challenge where kids elope from their homes and hide for atleast 48 hours. The game is based on concept, the more they will be posted and talked about on social media, more points is added to their accounts. This game has led to kids running away from their home that has again generated the urge from parents to ban this game. But my question is, in this virtual world is it possible to keep banning such game developers.
  • Hanging on running transport: Another challenge was started in Sydney where children were ask to hang on the running train, buses and post it videos to social media, which led to many accidental incidents.
  • Eating Cinnamon: This trend caught its root with small challenge that was warned by the doctors like eating one spoon of cinnamon which could damage kidney but was taken as fun act.

Steps to be taken care of:

  • Be observant of kids behaviour
  • Allow them to operate gadgets within specific time limit
  • Keep history updates
  • Make sure to have friendly relations with them
  • Be known of their circle


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