‘Who will cry when you die’ by Robin Sharma

Never judge a book by its cover. Reading  this title might give everyone a perception of novel that will be depressing to read or will revolve around a story of people living in isolation after closed one dies. But it is no way around to this perception.

‘Who will cry when you die’ is an exceptional and inspiring novel by Robin Sharma, the author of the monk who sold his Ferrari. His novel had been series of small chapters that provide ways of resolving your life from complex to simple.From reading novels to spending time alone, from developing a hobby to practice silence , he has suggested small tricks and changes to make our life beautiful. All the chapters are so engrossing from practicing silence to develop a hobby, Read a book to writing thank notes that I cannot conclude one or two chapters to being favorite.

    The book has been written in small chapters that make it an interesting read with simple language and engaging stories. His story telling format makes things so simple yet influencing and makes it readers a reason to practice it.
I would recommend it to every individual who is looking forward to bring a change in their lives and surrounding environment. I would recommend it as inspirational ,motivational,must read and book to stock in your library for ever and ever.

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