Winners always have possibilities and not failures:Robin Sharma

‘Leadership is not growing alone but make others grow along with you’

About book: This book just like any other readings of Robin Sharma is
enriched with lessons of this book, the author explains the leadership wisdom and how it can enrich others lives as well. A leader need not be a corporate leader but he can be leader in any walk of life be that politics, economic, sports, business, education,etc.
The author has tried to beautifully script his teachings in form of dialogue between two friends , one who has been once a successful lawyer and other one who is facing ordeal due to his company failures. His seven principles changes his life completely and makes him better person professionally and personally.

Title of the book: it is disheartening to thrive in a world where leaders are suppose to be politically correct and have to behave in diplomatic way. But this book would explain that to be successful leader you have to have a winning wisdom.

Language: The book has been written in very gripping langauge that keeps the reader hooked to the narration. Though the text also depicts the peculiar style of author’s writing.It is easily understandable and explains very deep lessons in subtle way.

Recommendation: the book is highly recommendable for people who drives life through internal motivation.There is no age bar for who is apt for reading it. Someone who wants to be leader in life not with just context to corporate living but also in relationship, sports and other genres of life.


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