Women existed even before mankind,

As the feminine face of supreme divine.

The ultimate gift to the mankind,

Has the intelligence to match the greatest minds

She is the only reason for everyone’s existence,

And has protected us with her resistance.

Blessed with the patience and calmness of sea

Along with the unmatched intensity

She lives by her own deeds

But also pays, fights and suffers for her family needs

A perfect combo of beauty with brains

And has the power to absorb all the pains

But human beings with their deeds

Are exploiting her for their own needs

With so much irreverence of this divine gift

Do we still consider it worth place to live?

Absolutely No, until we understand

That being a woman is a gift and not a curse

And all of us together need to

Curb the crime towards her before it gets worst.

Author: YRipples

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