‘Years later……….. on Facebook’ by Jupinderjit Singh

About Book: The book is an anthology of ‘middles’ written by the author during his professional commitment. ‘Middle’ refers to a light and entertaining write up appearing in the centre of editorial page. The book stands testament to the joy of writing and life with its funny yet, complicated happenings. Hailing from journalistic background, he had an opportunity to travel and interact widely which has added to the ambit of experiences to his journey. The events described in the book ranges from mathemaphobia to battlefields, from friendship tales to fears of losing someone, from being chess champion to serving the poor, etc that keeps the reader hooked to the book.

Title: The title of the book is well thought of as it seems to be kept in order to follow the trend. Though we see a lot of generations getting addicted to Facebook, this book is a treat for the people who believe in book reading.

Review: The incidents mentioned in from of short stories keep the readers completely engrossed as everyone can relate it to their lives. The genre of incidents mentioned by the author transcends the reader through various emotions from humour to fear of losing, phobias to fearless battles. The book provides light reading that leaves the reader relaxed and entertained. The stories like ‘Taste me not’, ‘Years later……on Facebook’, ‘Chessboard’, ‘Love Jihad’, ‘Safety pin’ and loosing ones mother are some stories that everyone might have some crossed at certain point of time in life.

Language:  Just as the title of one chapter ‘Joy of writing’, this book Language of the book is very easily understood and hence keeps the reader engrossed. The author has kept in mind the mass appeal while writing his book.

Recommendations: Though this book cannot be defined to any particular age group but it can be aptly used as a reference book by the journalism students. It will enhance their acumen of writing middles. As each event mentioned in the book can be related and dedicated to people from any age groups from school student to aged people.

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