Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by ‘Richard Bach’

“Jonathan Livingstone Seagull”, a book by  “Richard Bach” is a major source of inspiration to many people. It involves the story of a Seagull who lives amongst his flock, but aspires to fly faster and faster, faster than Aero planes.  He is different with a different vision, mission and goal that helps him to achieves more and more. In his book, Richard emphasis on the power of daring to dream the impossible. To make consistent and persistent efforts to achieves results.  Having the courage to withstand the criticism of the common people.  Mind not to being an outcaste.  Success only crowns with glory those who venture into newer pastures.  In a nutshell whole text gives impression that all achievers one day come from the common lot.  Their dream, vision, hard work, efficiency, constancy, never say die attitude, patience, all achieve their goal. Aspiration and perspiration are the keys to success, coupled with talent.

This book teaches to have guts to be what you want to be.  All creativity and inventions are the contributions of people who dare to be individuals, themselves. Hence, everyone should imbibe the qualities of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull to become individuals,  who become the path breakers and contributors to the society nation and this whole world.

Author: YRipples

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