Borders, who made them?
Why they were made?
Was it a demand of humanity?
Or choice to survive
Nothing was it more than a whim
That brought humanness to brim
Is that what border symbolise?

People made borders not only once
But every time there was fight on them
Doesn’t only depict physical fences
But has penetrated deep in human senses
They fight it, void it
But just can’t avoid it
Is that what border symbolize?

Catch him, hold him
Put him behind bars
For he is culprit to cross human made bars
This is so unlike celebrations time
When people at Wagah border
Shout their nation’s name with human divine
Is that what border symbolize?

From jamboree’s to odd hours
When innocent people are put behind bars
Their mistake is taken as crime
Which might have erupted throu’ blissful divine
Whole life is spend in imprisonment
For trespassing superficial human sentiments
Is that what border symbolize?

Borders are not just physical 
But intangible too
They don’t only exist between countries
But between human too
Has divided people among themselves
Or further on basis of caste, creed and color
Is that what border symbolize?

Are borders made
To restrict people’s ideologies
Or to keep them away
From limited human psychology
To create the gap between relations
So that people stop 
All kinds of aspirations
Is that what borders symbolize?

Borders are not just physical fences
But has got rooted in our senses
We differentiate our brothers and sister
Just because they belong to other nation
When feeling are same from both side
Then question rises who are human
To divide the god’s creation?
Is that what borders symbolize?

I oppose and will always oppose
That government should not decide
That borders are not above that supreme divine
Even if they divide physical boundaries
But should never create human disparities
Because all human are God’s creations
And they have every right to survive
Without human restrictions.


Author: YRipples

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