Does vandalizing yourself solve problems?

Oh, I flunked! I don’t want to live.

Alas, my friends betrayed me. I have no reason to live.

No, pls go away. My girl friend ditched me. I want to end my life

These days we open our eyes to such negative stories about youth vandalizing them due to some or the other reason. Whether it is exams time or parents scolding them or they being betrayed by their friends or teachers, they are killing themselves out rightly and to our revelation they do it on social platforms. Therefore, it is must to ask yourself the following questions before reacting in an impulsive manner:

  1. Why I am doing this?

The first question you should ask yourself is that why are you doing a particular task or why is intending you to behave in a particular manner. Why there is a need to self destruct yourself and is that the only alternative.


  1. How will this benefit me?

     It is must that you answer yourself that by picking this step, will it anyway benefit me, will lead me to betterment or will sort problem of my life. It is very important that you analyse, whether it will provide better life to the people connected to me. Everything is temporary, so is this problem.


  1. Will it affect people connected to me?

Life is never about I, me and myself. Most of the times, we are always dependent on others for our necessitates like social, economic, emotional and persona needs. So how can one be so selfish while taking such decisions? One should think of people connected to them.


  1. Is that the end of life?

 If something in life you have not accomplished or failed to achieve, is that the end of life? Never, happiness is a whim, so is the failure. Therefore, one should not think of harming yourself.


  1. Is your problem worth a life? 

 There is no problem in life that is worth giving a life for. If you want to know the value of life, ask someone who had an experience of drowning, someone who came back from comma, someone who had an escape near accident. People who have been living a struggling due to one or the other circumstances will actually tell you the worth of life for them.

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