Heart never lies 

Have you ever felt instinct inside
Something that sends a message to you
Which we tend to nullify
But we must listen to it
As it’s message from the heart
That never lies

We often ignore our inner vibes
And follow the signals that brain thrive
But when we experience that we tend to avoid
It is the indication from a heart that never lies

Whether it’s going out to work without full heart
Or performing some task with half heart
Whether we plan to buy something with low heart
Or visit a new place with a doubtful mind
Some important decision of life
Or thoughts to simplify our life
Listen to your heart as it never lies

But then questions come
How to listen to your heart
When you are surrounded with materialistic sounds

You have to go deep in realms of silence

And calm your fickle mind

So as to listen to the voice of your heart
Because it’s answer are hidden
Deep inside our heart
That won’t be audible
in the noise of our brainy thoughts



Author: YRipples

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