‘Heartbeat’ by Danielle Steel

  • Heartbeat

I have been on journey of reading different facets of human relationship and this book ’Heartbeat’ highlighted a very different aspect of changing face of relationships with time. The book revolves around the marriage lives of Bill Thigpen and Adrain working in media field that were living a very complacent life. The plot of their separation is beautifully expressed laying workaholic ambiance and fear of past experiences as a reason for their divorce and later how Bill Thigpen and Adrain get close to each other inspite of onerous situations.

Though the storyline of the book is very predictable and resembles some film story, it still manages to hold your interest till the last page. The novel is written in very easy language and aptly takes the reader through emotional journey of characters.

I would give 3.5 stars to the book and would recommend it as easy read for the beginners. The book teaches you to be futuristic and hopeful towards life and make an acceptance to the sour past.

Author: YRipples

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