It’s all about the Money, for the so called “Victim” Akansha Sharma


Akansha Sharma,ex  Bigg boss contestant and estranged wife of Yuvi’s younger brother Zorawar  who has been overhyped regarding her so called “Domestic violence” claims has recently faced the Wrath of the Judiciary. Its worth mentioning here that while her  case regarding the “Harassment” allegations to the Singh family is still undergoing trial, she has just been summoned  as an accused by the judicial magistrate over the case filed by her mother in law Shabnam singh for defaming  Yuvi’s family and making the family undergo further mental trauma in the process. Moreover, Despite all the unwanted drama and cheap publicity, the Instagram posts of the so called “Victimized” lady tells a whole different story.



Whilst the Insta post is quite self explanatory, the comments beneath sounds more interesting as it says, “My Brother told me, f**k em, get that Money sis”. See it yourself guys! We told you already what this lady was intended to and what was the point of this whole drama around; plain simple Money! We all know that once Akansha left Bigg boss, she was never offered any shows or Movie, so the stint of bringing the Singh family into Disgrace might have been the only option left. Still the “Money Mad” lady must have though once about throwing dirt towards the Reputed family as she herself belongs to a a good family (or maybe not). She talks about Mental and physical harassment, but it’s the Singh family which has to undergo all the above said. Shabnam and Zorawar singh has been admitted to hospital earlier due to this. Therefore, it’s up to the court now to decide and the people to judge, who the real culprit is and who has been dragged into this high intensity drama.

Author: Raghav

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