Nanee’s flavours in your Dubbas: Age is just a number for these grandmothers

Indian culture is world famous and appealing because of it robust roots, especially the homemade recipes that is considered to be the way to every man heart. But this taste has been diminishing with the lost heritage. Here comes Nanee’s Flavours whose goal is to recreate ancient recipes, and give the customers a taste of an India now almost forgotten. It has a healthy variety of homespun delicacies ranging from mouth fresheners, to spices and even joint relief oils and is only set to flourish.

Special features of Nanee’s Flavour:

  • Team: The team consists of four Nanees – Mrs. Nayana, Mumbai (77 years), Mrs. Yamini, Mumbai (65 years), Mrs. Harshada Zaveri, Mumbai (65) and Mrs. Saroj Mehta, Jabalpur (70) who are selling their products from home and are now excited to take their products to a different level.
  • Clientele: Initially packaged and sold from Yamini Mehta’s home in South Mumbai during Diwali and the wedding season, packages of various sizes were often picked up by the staff from the homes of industrialists such as Ambanis, Goenkas and Bajajs. Nearly all of them would have mukhwas, mouth fresheners that the 65-year-old has been making using her mother’s traditional recipes.
  • USP: At Nanee’s Flavours, the Nanee’s aim to use the most exquisite ingredients in their unique creations. With the best of India’s spices, nuts and Ayurvedic essentials, every product that is created here is rich and healthy.
  • Specialties: The first few offerings from brand Nanee’s Flavours were some of Nayana and Yamini’s bestsellers, Surti jeeralu and crunchy mukhwas. Their production, however, needed to be amped up by hundreds of kilos. Jhaveri soon realised that there was no room anymore to misjudge on cooking times or ingredient quantities.

The Beginning of the Journey

After spending more than a lifetime in a corporate role, Bhavi Jhaveri decided it was time to take and make more out of her life. The inception of Nanee’s Flavours was after she realised, that post lunch, a lot of her colleagues would walk up to her and ask her for “nanee’s mukhwaas” – her grandmother’s mix of mouth freshener that was always in a small box with her. Bhavi soon decided it was time to take this home-made passion and turn it into a venture. Today, with the help of enthusiastic Nanee’s and traditional (and some forgotten) recipes that have been passed down through time.

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