‘Never Let me Go’ by Sachin Garg

  • Never Let me Go

Just finished another read about teenage love with a different perspective about love, betrayal and guilt. The story is a light read and provide different lessons about dealing with impulsiveness, faith, hardship and guilt. The story revolves around a school going couple who happens to be in love and faces separation due to misunderstanding. Their separation took the boy to land of Goa with the feeling of betrayal where he started to work in Woodstock village and lived a hard life to run away from memories. But the story ended with sad note where he realizes the innocence of girl when she was on death bed.
The novel has been written in easy to read language but the story line keeps it engaging enough. The characters are sketched in real manner and generates the feeling of attachment towards them. A light yet emotional read with lots of lessons for the current youth.

Author: YRipples

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