Nobody is Perfect

Do you know that Hritik Roshan had stammering problem? Deepika Padukone has undergone depression? Yuvraj Singh fought cancer? All these renowned people are not famous because they are just lucky , but because they followed and excelled in what they were good at and has passion for it. In order words, they accepted their limitation,  worked on it and converted it into perfection.

It has become human nature to make fun of others for their entertainment but would not like to be a part of source of entertainment for others. Making fun of the hairstyles, economic class, dressing sense, manners, dialect has become so common that we don’t see any wrong in it. Forgetting that every individual comes from a different social background and educational levels with certain beliefs and attitudes. And our society is divided among so many classes and sub classes.

No one is perfect in the world. Everyone has some limitations or weakness but the problems arise when we refuse to accept our limitations and indeed focus towards finding fault with others. No one can be perfect, but when we look for perfection not in ourselves but in others it brings dissatisfaction among us.

If they tried doing something they were weak in, do you think they would have achieved the same fame? We all cannot be good at everything but certainly everyone is good at something. Success is when your preparations match the luck in your life.

Therefore, it is must be accept are limitation and work towards improving it and appreciate the people what they are good at rather than feeling jealous and making efforts to pull them down.



Author: YRipples

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