Observation makes you see that eyes can’t

      I often tell my students that it’s good to be regular nut one also learn more outside the class. Only thing you need for it is to be observant. We have become so much self engrossed and self conscious that we hardly observe our surroundings. Inserting the head phones and listening loud music or talking on phone, chatting with friends or sitting with a depressing thoughts is what most of us often do when we are alone. But we should realise that there is more to life than just “I”.

The beauty of the nature, innocent smiles, generosity among people, humanity gestures and so many other things that we will feel and realise once we become little observant. Now days there is recent trend of people making the humanity videos going viral and everyone appreciating it with their likes and shares. Videos about respecting elders, gender equality, being insensitive are the ones being made and are spreading as a part of awareness campaign. Though it is a good effort but nothing could be life noticing the things around and being conscious to our surroundings.  But how many times these gestures and humanity acts happen in front of us, we tend to ignore it by not being paying attention to it.

Similarly lot of criminal acts and mishappening can be avoided if we tend to be little observant and become more responsible towards our society.


  • Don’t be self engrossed on public places
  • Be surrounding conscious
  • Learning outside classrooms
  • By being vigilant, mishap can be avoided

Author: YRipples

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