Save Water or prepare for draught: Only Choice

I am habitual to cleaning off my phone memory with excessive data before going off to sleep. While chunking the video one video caught my attention that happens to get ignored in the bulk of data we receive throughout the day. A video with the title ‘Cape Town in South Africa to go dry by 2100’ freezed my eye balls and there I started to look the video with concerned mind. The video showing the way Cape town is running out of water due to draught it has been facing from the past three years. The South African port city of Cape Town is suffering from a serious water shortage due to an unprecedented drought, which has left dam levels at about 30 per cent capacity. ‘Water Water everywhere but a not a drop to drink’. Experts predict that there is about 90 days worth of water left in the city, with Mayor Patricia De Lille stating on January 8 that the final day of normal water consumption, or ‘day zero’, would be April 22. .

It is so disheartening to read such news but this is what was bound to happen with human exploiting natural resources to its utmost limit. Inspite of making so many endeavours for saving the scarcity of resources it’s high time we should start conserving them. All the big international organizations, NGO and governments are making efforts to save and conserve natural resources but there is a lot we can do at our individual level. Here are few points for making individual efforts so as to save water:

  • Avoid leaving the taps open while brushing, washing clothes or utensils or bathing. Store the water in bucket or mug and then use.
  • Cars should be washed once a week and can be cleaned daily with wet cloth and cleaning solution.
  • Plants should be watered through buckets at homes rather leaving the water pipe open in kitchen garden.
  • Incase of water purifiers, store the extra water that flows as impure water and use it in the plants.
  • Close the flowing water wherever you notice it.

Every drop counts so make sure you do your bit of repaying the mother earth for her free gifts or they will become indispensable. Whether it is water, fire, plants, fruits, earth or air, conserve and perish it or there will come day that we will all have to pay for our deeds if soon the lessons are not learnt.

Author: YRipples

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