Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

  • 'Sidhartha' by Herman Hesse

Wandering doesn’t take you anywhere. Peace comes from within so do not seek it outside. Work out your own salvation and do not depend on others for it. 


       This happens to be my favourite novel by Hermann Hesse where through simple story he teaches the most vital essence of life we have been dealing with i.e. searching the meaning of our existence. The author beautifully takes us through the journey of the character named Sidhartha who happens to be in search out for a meaningful life that gives him salvation. So he wanders from places to places and people to people, so that someone can help in attaining the purpose of his life. He experiences faith, devotion, practice, richness, whims, and materialism but remain unsatisfied. His only belief of experiencing thing himself rather than believing the experience felt by others took him to the final enlighten.

His journey ended near the river where boatman used to follow a regular routine but was completely contented. Hence he had answers to all his ambiguities and felt enlightened. The author keeps the reader so gripped that you start looking for the same answers within and experience the Siddhartha journey within. Hence it teaches us to experience life within ourselves in our own way than following other.


“Knowledge can be communicated but not wisdom. One can find it, live it, be forfeited by it, do wonders through it but one cannot communicate and teach it.”Siddhartha. A Must Read.

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