”Sociological Study of Displaced Families” a book by Dr. Ankur Pare

Economic development is essential in all countries but positive and
negative effects of development projects also emerge. Displacement is a global
catastrophic problem. Displacement due to development has emerged as an
international and national problem. At the global level Tehri project in
Lebanon, Syria, Sudan, Ghana, Indonesia and India, Uttarakhand, Bisalpur
project (Himachal Pradesh), Sardar Sarovar project (Gujarat), Kudankulam
project (Tamil Nadu), Narmada project (Madhya Pradesh), etc due to these
projects the problem of displacement occurred. The proper implementation of
development projects can be done. Dr. Ankur Pare in his book “ Sociological
Study of Displaced Families ” has interpreted applied research regarding

       Dr. Ankur Pare is a famous young sociologist and author. Many important research papers have been published by him at International and National research journals. His major research work was displacement, resettlement and rehabilitation.
The author Dr. Ankur Pare has done a scientific research study of
the problem of displacement in his book "Sociological Study of Displaced
Families ".

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