Stages of Smile

When we are born

With our sub conscious bond

Which remains connected to eternal gong

People make faces thinking us toys

But we just smile


Then we grew up little

And irritate people with our sniffle

They start to bluff us

Entertain and keep us occupied

Out of innocence, we just smile


The years pass by

We enter into the world of adolescence sky

Where our friends mock and highlight

Their superiority over us

Which we enjoy and just smile


Now that a stage has passed

And experience has matured us fast

We control so many emotions in watered eyes

That when someone ask for our wellbeing

We just smile


And finally we have reached a stage

Where we are surrounded by social butterflies

Those who are struggling every minute

To show them high

But, after understanding the reality of life

We notice their ignorance and just smile.


Author: YRipples

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