‘The FountainHead’ by Ayn Rand

About Author: A Russian author, who is popularly known for her ideology on Objectivism and contribution to bestsellers like The FountainHead and Atlas Shrugged. From very beginning she has an inclination and liking towards fictional characters that led to writing of The FountainHead in 1935 in which she presented Howard Roark for the first time the kind of hero whose depiction was the chief goal of her writing: the ideal man, man as ‘he could be and ought to be.’  

About Book:  Awesome, Powerful and Convincing book. The book would make you fall in love with the central character Howard Roark who makes us believe in ourselves and our talent and to fight against the fundamentalist approach with conviction. As well exemplified by her through her own life when this book was rejected by 12 publishers before coming into print.

The novel is set up in the archaeological background that represents the world in the architecture world and showcases the life of the architecture who has his own convictions that does not match the standards set by the fundamentalist, thus creating onerous experiences for the character. Though the book loses its momentous inbetween but still manages to hold the interest of its readers as a man with talent would always find it to be relatable.

This book will come up with you trust that reasons doesn’t take you far, that there is a distinction in individual achievement and achievement accomplished on others bears. This books helps you realize the pain and agony of a person who stands on his own beliefs, defying the society rules and so called modern world culture.



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