Things to do on this Diwali!

Diwali, is not just a festival of lights and sweets. It is believed to symbolize the victory of good over evil, the power of light over darkness. A festival which makes us forget about our busy lives for a while and manifest our love to the loved ones.

We all want to make it special for us and our family and friends. But, the thought of the time and dedication required often stops us. All you need is a will to do it and you can do it. Here are certain things you could do to make your Diwali even more alluring.

  1. RANGOLI : A tradition followed all over India to flaunt the occurrence of something big and special, Rangoli spreads colors and brightness everywhere. Creativity has no limits, think about what all you can do to give it the perfect look. Also, if you have a small place, instead of going for full rangoli, you can make it in the corners of your place. That way it will occupy less space and give your place a beautiful look.
  2. LIGHTS : Festival of lights can surely not be complete without them. Old customs demonstrate the use of diyas and candles to overpower the ‘amavasya’ (darkness). But in today’s world, there are plenty of options available for lightning. But, I would suggest go for something that looks a bit traditional and still give your place an elegant look. Traditional lamps and lanterns would be the best light décor.
  3. A ROYAL ENTRANCE : Do something different with the entrance of your home this time. Instead of just some diyas and rangoli, décor the door as well. You can use curtains to make it look graceful or you can décor it with flowers. There are endless options to chose from.
  4. TABLE DECORATIONS : A decent and pretty table cloth going with the theme is very necessary. As for the essentials to décor the table, floating candles never go out of style. Try something different like placing a flower vass of what’s better than actually having tiny little flower pots for each of the individual seated.
  5. ROOM DÉCOR DIYS : As I said, creativity and imagination has no limits. You can do a lot of craft work to décor your room like paper rocket wall hangings, bangle wall hanging, make bell shaped wall hangings from bottles. You can do abstract Diwali paintings or pain diyas.

Let the artist in you take over and you’ll see how many great ideas you have in mind to explore.

Author: YRipples

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